Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mi-24D Hind at the Cold War Air Museum now Certified for Flight

The Cold War Air Museum Mil Mi-24D Hind helicopter, Bord 118 received it's airworthiness certificate today and is now a flying aircraft!

As the final step in a six year process, the museum was visited by FAA Aviation Safety Inspectors from the Fort Worth MIDO (Manufacturing Inspection District Office) who reviewed Bord 118's paperwork and did a final inspection of the aircraft before issuing an Experimental Exhibition Special Airworthiness Certificate.

Noting some discrepancies in the pre-printed Airworthiness Certificate that they had brought with them, the inspectors required a manual typewriter to be located so that the certificate could be filled out. Amazingly, we were not only able to find one on the airport, but one with a fresh ribbon!

Here Bruce is seen proudly accepting the airworthiness certificate for the aircraft.

After a five hour "Phase 1" test flight period, accomplished over the next week or so, Bord 118 will be ready for the 2010 airshow season! A print from Aviation Graphics (shown below), depicts 118 as originally painted and equipped.


  1. Kudos to the team. A truly magnificent accomplishment. I await the flights with great anticipation.

  2. Outstanding work and KUdos to the whole team. I'll start working on my FAA type rating certificate just in case you need the help LOL

  3. The blog looks good as well as very interesting. The final decision has been taken and Mi-24D HIND now has been sanctioned for flight.

  4. Great to hear that the Hind received it's certificate. I visited your museum in December and had a great time. I'll be back this December and want to see the Hind up close