Friday, June 25, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

Father's Day weekend turned out to be pretty busy for the museum. On Saturday the Mi-24 made some flights. Here is bord 118 running up the engines.

Some photos and impressions from inside the Hind while in flight. Looking out through the side windows towards the wing and landing gear

Some views from the rear cockpit while Bruce flies.

Some views from the front cockpit including a 150 knot low pass above Lancaster's runway.

Downtown Dallas in the crosshairs

On Sunday the museum got some more Father's Day visitors coming in while bord 120 performed an engine run

Soon afterwards bord 118 went up again. This time a T-28 flown by Jason Newburg - "Viper Airshows" took off right after the Hind and joined up for a cool formation. Some photos of the flights, the front profile of the Mi-24 is just too mean! It could probably scare its enemies into submission...

Tracie is in the front cockpit ready to take off

While all this was going on, Miguel was in the hangars shooting models both days. Hopefully his photos will be up soon as well.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

More pics from Midway and Happy Father's Day

Another of our volunteers brought in more pictures from the Balloon Extravaganza Event and we are happy to include them here. Thanks Sean!

The Hind was admired and commented on by the crowd. Associates from the museum answered questions about the aircraft and its restoration.

A view of the Hind in flight from the CJ on the way to the show.

This year's Father's Day event added another several hundred visitors to both the CAF and the Cold War Air Museum's visitor totals.

Our friendly correspondent from Bulgaria, Ivan was also in attendance and took numerous photographs of the Hind while gathering information for another story about the Hind restoration and the Museum. We are looking forward to seeing more of his work published soon.

And we are also looking forward to another round of pictures on Miguel's Flikr page. He and several models were also out for another photo shootl.

Just another busy weekend at the Cold War Air Museum. Come and visit, we try to fly something every Saturday.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mi24 flys to local event at Midway Airport

A benefit to being in our area is the number of local events.

One of these events is the Annual DFW Summer Balloon Classic at Midway Regional airport.

The morning of the event, pilots and crew arrive early to get the aircraft ready.

In addition to the check list, the all important coffee thermos accessory is visible in this shot of the front office operation.

More aircraft attended the show this year than last. The red nose of the CJ6, which also attended is visible down the line.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Mi-24D Bord 118 Photo Gallery

Last weekend the Cold War Air Museum finally got the chance to take up our newly-certified Mi-24D Hind helicopter for some air-to-air photos.

The pictures speak for themselves... many thanks to Miguel for the camera and Photoshop work to produce such beautiful pictures. The entire set of 190 photos can be found on Miguel's Flickr stream.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Korean War Veterans Memorial

This month marks the 60th anniversary of the beginning of the Korean "War". Our post on the Korean Conflict at this time last year spoke to some of its history and its influence on the changing nature of air warfare.

On a recent visit to Washington D.C., I visited the Korean War Veterans Memorial and took a few pictures to include in our Blog. Even when viewed in the heat of the Summer, the larger than life stainless steel statues of soldiers on patrol evoke an image of the cold and hostile conditions of the war.

The flowers placed at the memorial are a contrast in color. The sign beneath them reads "We remember you forever, the people of the Republic of Korea".

More than twenty countries contributed troops or medical support staff to the U.N. peacekeeping effort, suffering more than 600,000 killed and a million more wounded. The Cold War Air Museum salutes the veterans of this war and their families in this time of remembrance.