Sunday, May 24, 2015

Aviation Photographers are Dedicated People

If there is group even more dedicated to the History of Aviation than the Pilots, Mechanics, Volunteers and Sponsors that keep our Birds flying, it may be the Aviation Photographers. These dedicated people spread the story and keep Aviation History alive through pictures and prose. Our reach to these twenty plus photographers will be multiplied by thousands, or hundreds of thousands by the time their pictures are published, posted or viewed.

On May 23rd, the Cold War Air Museum (CWAM) had the privilege and pleasure of such a group visiting for a sponsored event and dinner. They will have their own event posted on their web sites (along with much better photographs taken with much more expensive equipment). But it was a pleasure to watch them at work, even in the rain and catch a few quick photos of the photo takers with my trusty smart phone.

Event planning and co-ordination with Airport management allowed them limited, but close up access for some special picture taking. That is an advantage of an airport and aviation history oriented community such as ours. The only element not fully on board with today’s events was the weather.

The "Cavanaugh Caribou Came to CWAM" for the Photographer's Pictographic Pleasure. Making the 20 mile trip from the North to the South of the DFW Metroplex seemed as if it might not happen with Torrential rain and Tornadic Winds passing through the area earlier. Our thanks to the Cavanaugh Museum for helping to "make the day" for these Hunters of History.

Towards the end of the day, the Mi24 returned from the nearby State of Oklahoma. Weather had not been kind to the planned trip or event but the Bird and it's Crew made a safe return with another photo-op for the group.

With the photographers getting their pics and the crew getting the Bird safely put away before yet another storm passed through, the event ended successfully with a dinner for the group at the museum.