Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mi-24 "Gate Guardian" work moves forward

The DFW wing of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) has moved their static display Mil Mi-24D to the display pad in "front" of their hangar.

This project, which started a little over a year ago, is covered in more detail in the series of posts available by clicking on the "Bord 122" label below.

The CAF Museum is located at the opposite end of the airport from the Cold War Air Museum. Both are open on the weekends and within easy walking (or driving) distance of each other. Check our web sites for directions or detailed times and schedules, then come visit!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mi-24 Altimeter News, moving from 6 o'clock to 7 o'clock position

As part of the U.S. certification process for the Cold War Air Museum Mil Mi-24, the altimeter needed to be changed from meters to feet. While airspeed indicators can be remarked, altimeters have to be replaced because the equivalent gear ratio between the "big hand" and "little hand" is different for "English" (1 turn for every 1000 feet) and "Metric" (1 turn for every 3,281 feet) units.

The panel cutout for all of the altimeters in our Soviet helicopters has a teardrop shape, the barometric adjustment knob is at the "6 o'clock" position. It is located directly at the bottom of the instrument.

While many older U.S. Altimeters had an adjustment in this position, they are now non-standard and are much harder to find. While we recently purchased several rebuilt units for the helicopters, when one was installed in Bord 118, we found it already needed to be overhauled again. Essentially it had failed while "on the shelf". This caused us to look instead at modifying our panels to use the more readily available, more modern parts that have an adjustment knob at the "7 o'clock" position (drawn on the picture above).

Again, we are fortunate to have the resources to use our metal craftsman, Charles, who has done this kind of work before. In order to keep metal shavings or dust from getting into the instruments or switch panels, the area around and behind the panel was protected with plastic sheets or paper filler to catch the bits of metal being removed.

An altimeter with the "new" style adjustment is shown here temporarily mounted in the reworked panel. The old opening remaining below the altimeter will be covered with a filler plate.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mi-24D Hind at the Cold War Air Museum now Certified for Flight

The Cold War Air Museum Mil Mi-24D Hind helicopter, Bord 118 received it's airworthiness certificate today and is now a flying aircraft!

As the final step in a six year process, the museum was visited by FAA Aviation Safety Inspectors from the Fort Worth MIDO (Manufacturing Inspection District Office) who reviewed Bord 118's paperwork and did a final inspection of the aircraft before issuing an Experimental Exhibition Special Airworthiness Certificate.

Noting some discrepancies in the pre-printed Airworthiness Certificate that they had brought with them, the inspectors required a manual typewriter to be located so that the certificate could be filled out. Amazingly, we were not only able to find one on the airport, but one with a fresh ribbon!

Here Bruce is seen proudly accepting the airworthiness certificate for the aircraft.

After a five hour "Phase 1" test flight period, accomplished over the next week or so, Bord 118 will be ready for the 2010 airshow season! A print from Aviation Graphics (shown below), depicts 118 as originally painted and equipped.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Medal of Honor Parade and Fly-Over

An annual program at Gainesville, Texas honors Medal of Honor recipients.

Our intrepid Cold War Air Museum associates, Jon and Miguel took flight shortly after O'dark-thirty last Saturday to arrive in time for the required pre-flight brief.

Arriving early, they got the chance to watch and photograph the arrival of more planes this year than last. The weather this year was better than it was for last year's event. More pictures of the participating aircraft can be found on Miguel's Flickr page.

The flyers had an opportunity before the parade to visit and pose with the men being honored.

As in previous years, Yaks and CJ's joined in formation flight over the parade to honor the Medal recipients.

With this beautiful B-25 joining the group, Jon got another opportunity to get his picture in the blog.

Thanks once again to Miguel for his excellent photography, More pictures of this year's event can be found on his Flickr page. For coverage from last year's event click here.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

MiG-23 Dorsal Repair

When the Cold War Air Museum MiG-23 was shipped to Texas,

it came partially disassembled in an open top container.

A portion of the structure on top of the aircraft obviously encountered something along the way. Fortunately, the extent of the damage was very small compared to the mishap that destroyed one of our Mi-24's.

As work has progressed on the MiG, the damaged ribs and damaged portion of the turtledeck skin were removed.

Replacement ribs were fabricated and a replacement piece of skin was flush joined to the remaining structure.

The final join will be a perfect fit. We are fortunate to have a craftsman with the ability to do the necessary work.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cold War Air Museum - It's "Show Time"

As Summer approaches, with better flying weather, Cold War Air Museum aircraft fly out in support of many regional events. Recently scheduled events are listed below, visit our Current Events page to find more events as they are added.

April 10th — Medal of Honor Fly Over at Gainesville
The CJ-6 will join other aircraft and hundreds of ground vehicles honoring Medal of Honor recipients at this annual event. Click for link to last year's event.

May 8th — Corsicana Airshow
This is always a great event with many people and aircraft in attendance. The Mi-2 and CJ are scheduled to attend this year. Click for link to last year's event.

 June 11th through 13th, Friday through Sunday
  Summer Balloon Fest at Midway Airport
Nearby Midway airport is home to the Summer Balloon Extravaganza. The Mi-2 and Chang are flying in for static display. Click for link to last year's event.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Greatest Generations

Tom Brokaw, wrote in The Greatest Generation, about those men and women born roughly between 1901 and 1924 who fought in WWII. He argued that they fought not for fame and recognition, but because it was the right thing to do and that when they came back they built America into a world superpower (and set the stage for the cold war).

I'd like to take a moment in this blog to recognize someone from that generation, a relative and a friend and also say something about "Generations" and the mission of the Cold War Air Museum.

Glen D. Emerson was born on May 18th, 1922 and died on March 30, 2010. Glen served when called upon and never lost his passion for flying. A man of many accomplishments, he lived his life without embellishment and will be sorely missed by his family and friends.

My "Greatest Generations" are those who have come before and those who will come after, because they are the ones who have given us our present and will give us our future. Part of the mission of this museum is education, linking our past and present together to benefit our future.

In addition to enjoying the display and demonstration of our aircraft, there is within each of our associates a young man (or woman) like the one pictured above, who stands ready to help the young (and not so young) who visit us learn about our aircraft and those previous generations. The mere physical assets of our museum gain their greatest value from that combination of associates, volunteers and visitors coming together.

Fly away home Uncle Glen, we'll see you soon on that flight line up above.