Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mi-24 in a box (1 of 3 in a series)

How do you get an Mi-24 from eastern Europe to Texas?

Answer: you take it apart, put in a box and ship it.

This picture shows the relative size of the Mi-24 when loaded into a standard shipping container (hi-top, open-top). It also shows a how "not". This is the container that was Not transported correctly and subsequently damaged Bord 122.

Loaded on a standard trailer instead of a low boy trailer, the masthead hit the first bridge along the otherwise carefully planned route. The impact sheared the transmission mounts and laid the rotor head and transmission over onto the engines. Even the frame of the aircraft was buckled by the impact, rendering the aircraft a total loss.

Acquiring the aircraft is only one step in a multi-step process of bringing the aircraft to life at the museum. The "Backstory" label below will be expanded to include stories of how many of our aircraft got here and how they were reassembled or restored.

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