Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Corsicana Airshow

The community of Corsicana, Texas is about 50 miles away.

Our CJ-6 attended their annual fly-in this year as it has in the past.

A number of WW2 aircraft flew in from around the state.

An L39 from the museum, made a brief visit with a fly-over and "touch and go" at the airport.

The event drew a nice crowd from the surrounding area. Unfortunately, we have heard that some communities are cancelling events this year because of the economy and the difficulty of finding sponsors. Those who are holding events however are saying that attendance is good because families are interested in events such as these where they don't have to travel very far or spend much money for a day of fun.

Community airshows often have other things to enjoy as well, like cars, motorcycles and RC model planes. And, as Jon pointed out in an earlier post, plenty of ice cream and junk food to consume.

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