Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eagle Art

Bord 41, an L29c still carries its original markings from Bulgaria.

The Unit and ID markings on these working aircraft stored outside were well faded.

These original markings are being replaced and renewed by one of our museum associates. The training command to which this aircraft belonged used an Eagle painted on the nose to designate their aircraft.

Abel has taken on the task of renewing these markings, including the Eagles on both sides of the nose. Although we obtained the original template from the base when we acquired their parts inventory, it is too worn to give a sharp rendition. Here he is making sketches to compare to the template and aircraft before deciding how to proceed.

After making his sketches, Abel cut a new template for evaluation and made a test image on a piece of plastic sheeting. The final template and harder surface of the aircraft will yield a sharper image.

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