Friday, May 22, 2009

Mi-24 shake and bake (3 of 3)

How do you get an Mi-24 out of its shipping container? - Plan B

Answer: Pick up the box, tilt and pour, shake gently as necessary. Repeat until done.

One of the problems with successful shipment is constructing good fixtures and securing them in the container so parts don't shift and get damaged. The tails and rotor blades were packed tightly into two standard containers. Unloading these containers was a challenge and some damage occurred in shipment. With all the ingredients out of the box, we could finally begin to "bake the cake".

Putting the ships up on their gear made them portable. Bord 122 looks on sadly as her sister passes by.

A temporary ramp allowed the helicopters to move inside the newly completed building. Congratulations are exchanged as the sister ships, Bords 118 and 120, find their new home.

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