Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mi-24 Aerial Photos

As pictures continue to trickle in from the Warbirds on Parade event we enjoy posting them to the Blog site. Andy Nixon sent these to the Cold War Air Museum for us to share. A hearty thanks to Andy. Keep 'em coming folks!

Cold War Air Museum

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Warbirds on Parade - 09/04/10, After Action and some more pictures

Events such as this year's Warbirds on Parade take a great deal of effort behind the scenes to make them a success. With a continuing interest in maintaining the success and safety of the event, the Cold War Air Museum, the DFW wing of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) and airport management joined together for an after action review.

We all sincerely appreciate the hard work, planning and cooperation that was provided by the City of Lancaster and most especially, the support provided by their excellent airport staff, including both the retiring airport manager, Arb Rylant and the new airport manager, Mike Divita. By working together, we hope to be able to provide more parking next year as well as better traffic flow for the spectators and aircraft that visit the event.

Following the review, we received copies of a number of excellent photographs taken by one of the CAF members. Our thanks go to their dedicated members for their work and a special thanks for sharing these pictures with us. This view from inside their hangar shows just a portion of the many aircraft and visitors at the event.

The B-24 made a repeat visit this year and with the success of the event, we are hopeful that the newly restored and flying B-29 may be in attendance next year.

Another special attraction was this beautifully restored P-40 Warhawk from the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison, Texas. A rare sight indeed and a compliment to the area that so many aircraft could be gathered and put on display.

Events such as this often include "Re-enactors" or those who like to collect, wear or display military uniforms and equipment. The Mi-2 and Mi-24 appearing in flight behind one of these displays appeared eerily appropriate.

Our special thanks are again extended to the U.S. Army, First Cav. for bringing aircraft to the event. In today's world of mixed forces, the sight of an Mi-24 and UH-60 together is not as rare or startling as it once would have been.

The UH-60 Black Hawk was one of the biggest crowd gatherers at the event. The POW/MIA flag seen in the foreground was displayed by the UH-1H that flew to the event. Every event such as this also serves to honor and commemorate the memory of those who have served.

This CH-47 appears as if it is about to leap forward into flight. The actual takeoff maneuver was a leap in slow motion, graceful and impressive.

The CH47 and Black Hawk are the mainstay of U.S. ground combat air mobility. The opportunity for the public to see them together at this event was appreciated by many.

The Black Hawk quickly followed the Chinook on its way home. We appreciate the fine men and women of our services and their dedication to our country.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hungarian Hinds

Kecskemet airbase in Hungary was host to a huge airshow on August 7-8 which featured many foreign jets and aerobatic teams. However, the Hungarian air force would not let anybody make it look small and put on an impressive display of everything it has in its arsenal from Mig-29s and JAS39 Gripens to Mi-8s. A total of three Mi-24s flew during each day. Each morning a stunningly painted Mi-24V put on an unbelievable show.

This particular Hind was armed with B-8V20 rocket launchers for unguided S-8 rockets, four "Shturm" anti-tank missile launchers and two 500-liter external fuel tanks. It was also equipped with engine covers to reduce infrared signature. All this made it look even meaner(is that even possible??) than the Mi-24 already does. The pilot took it to the limits showing the maneuverability and agility of the Mi-24 and finally ending the performance with a huge release of flares.

At the end of the day the Hungarian air force put on an airpower display featuring two Mig-29s, four JAS39 Gripens, two Mi-24s, one Mi-8 and one An-26. The Mi-24Ds provided close air support for the Mi-8 which came in to drop off soldiers in a
landing zone.

You gotta love the guy that is curiously sticking his head out o
f the window.

Each Mi-24 had two people inside shooting machine guns out of the windows (with empty shells of course!!). The muzzle of the gun can in fact be seen in the photo of the two Mi-24s breaking.

If anyone is wondering why these Hinds have a camouflage that looks suspiciously similar to Lancaster's own bord 125 it is no coincidence. When bord 125 was in Bulgarian service it was overhauled in Hungary and received a "Hungarian" camouflag
e which is different than the one seen on bord 118 and bord 120. This camouflage is the standard with which all Hungarian Hinds are painted.

A very low shutter speed helps get the whole rotor disk in the photo.

The Mi-8 which the Mi-24s were "protecting":

The Hind is still in service in places besides Hungary and while CWAM has Mi-24s for display let's not forget that this helicopter is still a formidable weapon that arms the air forces of many countries.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

People and Planes - Warbirds on Parade

The Cold War Air Museum once again joined with the DFW wing of the CAF to put aircraft on exhibit for this annual event at the Lancaster Airport.

An estimated 6,000+ people attended the day long open house this year. With dozens of aircraft on display and dozens more flying, it was a busy and exhausting day for the Cold War Air Museum and Commemorative Air Force volunteers working at the show.

The MiG-23 was popular. Homer and Jon assisted visitors and answered questions throughout the day. The MiG-23, MiG-21, L29, L39 and CJ were on display.

Pete assisted visitors with the UH-1. In addition to the UH-1B, AH-1, Mil-2 and Mil-24; a Bell47, UH-1H, Chinook and Black Hawk also flew to the event.

Zane, from Warbird Radio is shown here interviewing Phil Davis, one of the Directors of the museum.

Phil's jeep, in the background, was called into extra service for moving aircraft and people from the museum to the display area and back. Technically a MUTT (Multi purpose utility tactical truck), it is also an authentic relic of the Vietnam era.

Of course a number of the aircraft associated with the museum also flew. Larry and Johnny are shown here in the Mi-2.

As usual, the Mi-24 was a hit with the crowd.

One of the Army Blackhawk aviators was heard to remark "Holy Cow" (or words to that effect), while watching the Hind in flight. We appreciate the contribution of the First Cav bringing their Black Hawk and Chinook to the show. Our Hind and Hoplite will both be going to the airshow associated with Ft.Hood next weekend and we look forward to a report and pictures from that event.

We've recently reloaded the T-shirt locker. One of our volunteers is shown here wearing one of the new designs.

Another of the new series which features our Huey is demonstrated by another of the volunteers.We hope these will be a hit at the upcoming events and plan on having these, and other new designs available online soon.