Monday, May 4, 2009

CAF Pulls through

Our sister museum on the field, the Commemorative Air Force - DFW Wing, is doing an annual inspection on their R4D (the WWII, U.S. Navy version of a DC3).

We ran the cart up to the North end of the field Saturday to get a few pictures of this activity.

A number of associates and interests are shared between the museums. Our "Gate Guardian" series has pictures and stories about one of our joint projects. Bord 122, the "Gate Guardian", is peeking out from under the wing of the R4D in the video below. More stories are available by clicking on the labels at the bottom of this post.

"Round engines" need to be "pulled through" before starting. This is necessary to evacuate any oil that has settled into the bottom cylinders. Starting the engine with oil in the cylinders would cause engine damage. The museums CJ's must be pulled through before every engine start.

The DFW Wing is fortunate (as are we), that they have talented hands that can work on their aircraft.

"Ready-4-Duty" is very popular at Air Shows. One of the last of the tens of thousands built more than 60 years ago during World War 2, she is becoming one of the last good flying examples in existence.

As important as she is to the Wing, she is even more important as a living lesson in history. Even with the World-Wide-Web, no history lesson has quite the same impact as seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling and most special of all, having the chance to ride in, a real, live, piece of history.

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