Friday, June 26, 2009

Mi-2 Steps Out

We completed the test program hours on the Mi-2 in time for it to go to the Midway Balloon Festival last weekend.

The helicopter was a hit with everyone who came by. Bord 211 is the only Mi-2 currently being flown to U.S. airshows.

For most of us who grew up with the dream of flying, it is a lot of fun to see kids smile when they get the chance to get close to a real plane.

The CJ was also at the event. Opening the cowling around the engine gives many people a chance to actually see what an aircraft engine looks like, especially a radial engine. These girls were happy to pose while their mom took their picture, even though it might look like the plane was trying to scoop them up inside it. One small youngster who came by had his own view though, he named the plane "the broken plane" because it didn't look right to him. After that pronouncement, the cowling went back together for the rest of the show.

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