Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Work

Weekends at the museum generally have a social atmosphere to them, but things do get done.

Jon played musical L-39s and got each of them run up and returned to their proper hangar bays while getting 109 ready for its annual inspection.

Tracie and Brad flew the CB300, working on Brad's helicopter rating.

Brad and Renee finally got the top cover on Bord 211.

Abel got red stars painted on both the L-29 and Mi-2 Bord 211.

The gear was released on the MiG-21, getting it ready to have the wing mated.

And, in the most exciting news of all, a local restaurant chain has placed a soft serve machine on loan to the museum until the weather cools off after August!


  1. Why paint a Russian star on them and not the Bulgarian roundel? I think the Bulgarian roundel makes a nice change from all the red stars.

  2. Under each "Bulgarian Roundel" was a Soviet/Bulgarian Star-Roundel. The repainting of these emblems will be a multi part process. First the star, then the white outline, finally the Bulgarian Roundel in the center.