Tuesday, June 23, 2009

BioFuel Demonstration Project

The L29 was the first jet brought over by associates of the Museum.

This aircraft, originally an "R" model. Was a reconnaissance aircraft flown by the Czechoslovakian Air Force. The surveillance pod and extended range tip tanks have been removed and controls have been added to the back cockpit formerly occupied by an equipment operator. Flown locally for about the last ten years, it was a regular hit at air shows. A number of "Delfins" are still actively flying and several are associated with the Museum.

The L29 has an advantage that, with its first generation jet engine, it was designed to accommodate a wider range of variation in the fuels and service received in the various satellite and client countries. With over 3600 produced, the design saw service as a jet trainer on at least four continents.

An L29 made a transcontinental flight recently to demonstrate the use of BioFuels in Aviation.

The Cold War Air Museum is in an area where air pollution is a concern and our associates support other local programs for air quality improvement.

The use of BioFuels or BioFuel mixtures to reduce our emissions footprint and promote community knowledge of the progress being made in the aviation industry is an area of interest that the Museum is studying and evaluating. With these goals in mind, the Museum recently prepared an application for a demonstration project for such a program. Updates on this project will appear in later posts.

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