Monday, December 7, 2009

MiGs, Mils and Models

Miguel Relayze from Lima, Peru, recently visited the Cold War Air Museum and decided to schedule a photo shoot with us.

Miguel works for American Airlines and enjoys photography. His work at the museum will be posted soon on his pages at Pbase and Flikr. While he was taking pictures with his professional grade equipment, he and the models graciously allowed us to take some snapshots to share on our museum website. Thank you Miguel and Ladies, you are certainly welcome back anytime!

Our first job was cordoning off the restrooms for use as dressing and makeup rooms. Marie helped the ladies and kept them fresh during the session that lasted into the night.

With the temperature outside hovering at +5 Celsius (we consider that cold in Texas) and the dew point the same, it was good flying weather only for Ducks and Helicopters. The Mi-2 was unable to blow the crud away, so the ground crew fired up the heaters in the hangers to keep the models warm (or at least not as cold).

The ladies brought a number of outfits and we furnished some hats and other items to use as props, but when the photographer called for one more prop, the best we could do was offer Jon. Surrounded by Marinda, Rashell and Leslie, Jon appears afraid to move. We know this museum work is tough, but someone has to do it. We are accepting applications for more volunteers, in case anyone is interested.

The ladies were totally professional about their work. But because I was simply taking snapshots, I was able to catch some fun and funny moments with them. I did note some things that, as our society becomes truly egalitarian, desperately need to be passed on to aircraft and flight equipment designers. (#1) Aircraft steps and control pedals need to be redesigned to accommodate high heels (#2) More variety needs to be offered in flight boots, including heels and more choice of colors and stripes and oh yes, (#3) A good flight helmet should NOT mess up your hair.

All kidding aside, we wish to thank Miguel, Marie, Rashell, Leslie and Marinda for visiting and allowing us to share some snapshots with our on-line visitors. The additional snapshots below do not do full justice to these lovely ladies and Miguel's work. Please visit his page at Flikr for his processed pics from this shoot. Shots from the museum will be posted after he has time to process them.


  1. Girls like airplanes. :)

  2. For the 100th time, I want to thank Bud, Jon, Peter, Sean, Phil and everyone else who made this happen. I never would've thought they would be such great hosts to me and to the ladies that made from as far as Texarkana!
    I recommend visiting this museum not only for their fine collection of Soviet era gems but also for the wonderful people that volunteer to keep history flying. I am going to visit them again, thats for sure, but this time I will try to make it quick and not keep Jon and Sean bored...I could tell they wanted to go home early to watch re-runs of The Simpsons :)

    PS. Do you need volunteer photgraphers? ha ha

  3. I wanted to come and tell you wonderful guys thank you so much for allowing us to come and visit! I had a great time, even though airplanes and high heels don't really work well together! I didn't even mind falling into the cockpit! ;)
    You all were so fantastic and I hope we can do this again!!!
    Kisses to you all and thank you for letting me play in the planes!
    The crazy redhead that fell into the plane!!! :)

  4. It was a fantatic experience being around actual equipment and aircraft that did their duty long before I was around! Much thanks to the friendly and courteous staff of the Museum for allowing us to use the space for our artistry. For those of you yet to vist, when next you're in Texas, be sure to stop by. Thanks for the souvenir guys!

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  5. Girls who like air planes are worth the time spent repairing them.... The pictures turned out GREAT miguel. Hope to see more in the future :) Hey if you ever need a model talk to jon.

  6. Great outting with the family! My 12 yr-old loved sitting in the cockpits, my Aerospace daughters got a close-up view of some non American engineering. Thank you Peter and CWAM members for this opportunity and education!