Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It Takes a (Global) Village

Blog and Wiki readership at the Cold War Air Museum has really been growing.

What's been the most thrilling, however, is that a couple of people have taken the time to make an account on the Wiki and added or fixed a few of the pages. Both the blog and the wiki are truly becoming the products of a global village... museum members don't have to be "here" to volunteer, they can do it from another continent.

In particular, we'd like to thank "JUMBO" in Sofia, Bulgaria for adding to the at the MiG-21 page.

And anyone else who'd like to help, please make an account (it's easy, it's free) and add or fix up what you'd like. We use the same software as Wikipedia, so everything is under version control. If you feel that your English might not be good enough, no worries — it's much easier for us to edit a post than it is to find original information. You get it started and we can finish it up.

Anything and everything is appreciated! Thanks!!

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