Friday, June 25, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

Father's Day weekend turned out to be pretty busy for the museum. On Saturday the Mi-24 made some flights. Here is bord 118 running up the engines.

Some photos and impressions from inside the Hind while in flight. Looking out through the side windows towards the wing and landing gear

Some views from the rear cockpit while Bruce flies.

Some views from the front cockpit including a 150 knot low pass above Lancaster's runway.

Downtown Dallas in the crosshairs

On Sunday the museum got some more Father's Day visitors coming in while bord 120 performed an engine run

Soon afterwards bord 118 went up again. This time a T-28 flown by Jason Newburg - "Viper Airshows" took off right after the Hind and joined up for a cool formation. Some photos of the flights, the front profile of the Mi-24 is just too mean! It could probably scare its enemies into submission...

Tracie is in the front cockpit ready to take off

While all this was going on, Miguel was in the hangars shooting models both days. Hopefully his photos will be up soon as well.

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  1. Great pics and great post. Thank you Ivan!