Monday, July 11, 2011

Welcome Ed VanWinkle

The Cold War Air Museum attracts many visitors because of its unique mix of aircraft, associates and projects.

Meet Ed VanWinkle, a Rotary Wing CFII, who recently joined our restoration and flying team.

Ed and Larry, pictured here, took Larry's beautiful Bell 47 out for some proficiency work last weekend. We look forward to seeing more of Ed in the near future.


  1. Hmm nice - and what be a future?

    I wish You nice French helicopters, and if You have really good friends please try to reserve Tomcats.

    I known that there is a Iran problem, and old scandal. But this is my favourite USA made plane(strange maybe for You, but I dislike f16) - and the Iran f14 rather won't be an real foe in next decade/two for USarmy...

    And it will be very sad moment if all of the tomcats would be just scrapped to size of coin...