Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cockpit-Fest USA, 2014

Every Year around Labor Day, Lancaster Airport, the Commemorative Air Force and the Cold War Air Museum open house for the public to come and see rare and unusual aircraft and learn about aviation history.  In addition to featured exhibits, static displays and flights of historic aircraft, a new event this year was Cockpit-Fest, USA.

Cockpit and Simulator enthusiasts came from as far as California. The Cockpit-Fest group enjoyed seeing the aircraft flying and on display, and the public enjoyed seeing the cockpits and trying the sims.

The detail work in the cockpits and simulators is amazing.

Museum President Phil Davis is pictured below after having made several landings in this B52 cockpit and simulator. Like many of the other cockpits and simulators, it had outstanding graphics with full computer tie-in to the original flight controls. Phil couldn't resist the comment that "it flies like a big Ercoupe". Make that a really, really, big Ercoupe.

All set for a Nellis 21-Left departure.

While some of the displays focused on the accuracy and detail of actual cockpits, others focused on development of the supporting electronics. The reader is left to guess which ones had the most comfortable "pilot" seating.

The Cockpit-Fest group gave out awards in various categories. The group seems to be very dynamic and supportive of its members.

Trailering and transport of these valuable exhibits is no easy task. At the beginning and end of the event many hours were spent setting up and removing the displays and sims. And of course CWAM volunteers had to come early and stay late to move aircraft in and out of Hanger One both for Cockpit-Fest and Warbirds on Parade. With arrangements waiting for the F-15 to be picked up, it seemed only fitting for it to face off with the Mig-21 while spending the night.

A successful event for all and hopefully a bigger event for next year.


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