Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Cold War Air Museum
Commemorative Air Force
Joint Metal Repair Team

The Mi-24 static display at the CAF museum continues to "come to life". Here a joint group of Commemorative Air Force and Cold War Air Museum volunteers is shown working on the top turtle-deck for the display.

Jim, a CAF volunteer is drilling out rivets in a broken section so that metal patches can be installed. The CWAM guys were glad to learn a few tricks from someone who had obviously done this before. Because this is a non-flying, static display that can never be returned to flight status, repairs need not be done to flight standards. These two clam-shell doors were among the most severely damaged light metal pieces.

Since most of the volunteers are guys, who by nature are clean-up challenged, part of the work was performed directly over the trash can. This high-efficiency method eliminated the intermediate step of chasing metal scraps with broom and dust pan. Genuine mil-spec duct tape is seen here in its standard military roll as a temporary patch.

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