Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mini Mi -24

The trucking accident that changed Mi-24 Bord 122 from a flyable helicopter into a static display, laid the transmission and rotor head down onto the clam-shell access doors surrounding the rotor mast.

These unarmored skins were among the worst damaged non-moving parts on the aircraft. The left engine exhaust cover, also damaged, is shown behind the damaged clam-shell top doors.

The CAF - CWAM Joint Metal Repair Team recently spent a day working on these buckled and torn skins. Even though Bord 122 will never again be a flying helicopter and repairs did not have to be made to airworthiness standards. the group wanted to restore the exhibit to its proper appearance.

In the final stages, the doors were brought together and adjusted to mate as they did in the original assembly. In order to make a fit, Bruce climbed inside to brace the pieces while final adjustments were made.

These pics, snapped with a cell phone show Bruce, a rotary-wing pilot, ready to go. He only needs a few more parts, like a rotor, collective and cyclic to take flight. The volunteers assisted with appropriate helicopter noises and "helpful" advice.

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