Monday, July 20, 2009

Mi24 on display at "Warbirds on Parade"

Previous posts about the Mi-24, "Gate Guardian" have shown it outside, next to the Commemorative Air Force (CAF), DFW wing hanger.

From an event planning standpoint, this years "Warbirds on Parade" event (September 5th) is fast approaching. One of the target action items left in the event planning is relocating and completing the CAF's Mi-24 static display.

Bruce and Jim discuss logistics over some of the parts left to be moved from the Cold War Air Museum hangar as the CAF volunteers rig the transmission for transport.

In order to finish the work, the CAF crew moved the aircraft inside their hangar to get it out from under the hot Texas sun.

Before moving the transmission inside, the bent blade attach fittings were heated and restored to shape so the rotor blades could be remounted. Charlie, the Wing commander gives his signature smile of approval as he checks the work.

Soon, the rotor head and blades will be securely remounted for static display (Not for flight!) and the Mi-24 will be moved back outside to a new display pad between the CAF hangar and the road.

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