Saturday, January 9, 2010

Commemorative Air Force - DFW Wing

Our sister museum on the airport is the DFW wing of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF).

The CAF has historically focused on aircraft of the WWII era. With a hangar full of aircraft on display, the DFW wing is a local attraction and our museums compliment each other in many ways.

Monthly meetings help keep the membership up to date and involved. The DFW unit has been successful at attracting new members and maintaining multiple flying aircraft, even in the present difficult economic times. A number of "CWAM" officers and directors are also active in the CAF and attended their meeting today.

The fun the group has together and the respect they have for each other was evident in the recognition, certificates and awards given out for the 2009 operating year. This handcrafted award is unique. Shirley, the recipient, is one of the many hard working examples of why this group is a success. By the way, we also like to attend their functions because they have food!

Among their many fund raising demands was this new propeller for their recently acquired Stearman. As announced at the meeting, "come see it", most aviation enthusiasts have never seen a NEW propeller for such a vintage aircraft.

The CAF R4D, a military version of the venerable DC3, is very popular at airshows. But keeping these aircraft flying is a constant job and requires constant fund raising. If you are a member of the DFW wing, bear in mind that these fine aircraft and this fine unit deserves your support.

If you are not a member, please consider visiting the CAF and the Cold War Air Museum at the Lancaster Airport. HAVE A FUN DAY with the kids (young or old) and help us continue to display and fly our aircraft, so our children (our future) can see, touch and experience a part of history.

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