Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Case for Models

The Cold War Air Museum has a number of volunteers who enjoy models and model aircraft construction.

This display case, one of several recently donated to the Museum, now houses a number of models of various cold war era aircraft, most of which have been brought in by our most prolific volunteer modeler, Sean.

As time goes on, more model aircraft will be added and it is likely that display groupings will be re-arranged by era and aircraft scale.

The Mil-8 and MiG-15 are examples of aircraft that we may eventually acquire or display. Later model Soviet aircraft rarely make their way into the "States".

The display case is located in a hallway adjoining the main Museum display area. The hallway is well lined with windows for viewing. Reflections counterpose the models on display with the real aircraft on display.

An earlier post told of the intention to create model versions of all of our aircraft on display. That is still an ongoing project.

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