Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mil Mi-2 Restoration Work Continues

Among the many projects at the Cold War Air Museum is the restoration of our Mi-2, Bord 212. When completed, we will be applying for airworthiness certificates for both 212 and 213 to join 211 on flying status.

As previously reported during the restoration of Bord 211, we have had to deal with some corrosion in these aircraft. For previous details, click on the labels at the botttom of this article to follow the various story threads.

After the fuel bladder was removed, cutting the old metal away exposed the fuel compartment. Areas within the compartment were inspected and treated as necessary.

The old skin was used as a template for all rivet and access panel hole locations to be traced onto a new piece of aircraft aluminum.

Charles then carefully cut and trimmed the new piece for a perfect match.

After the external strengthening pieces ("Hats") were riveted in place, the rivet tails on the inside were covered with Polykin tape to protect the fuel bladder.

Both the inside and outside were treated and coated before the hats and doublers, seen here in contrasting color, were reattached.

We expect the next step, "shooting" (riveting) the skin back on, will take place soon.

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