Friday, August 20, 2010

Feature Associate - Pete Coz

From time to time, the Cold War Air Museum takes pleasure in announcing a new museum board member. While we value all of our associates and volunteers and respect their input, it falls to the board to help set a final direction and goals for the museum. Recently (and regretfully), one of our founding board members passed away. We are fortunate in having someone of experience and ability to fill in.

Pete Coz (on the left), is shown here being congratulated by Museum President Bruce Stringfellow.

Although he is originally from Massachusetts (and received his College degree in Maine), Pete has diligently been studying (be'n stud'den) “Texan” for the last year in order to be able to communicate with the other Directors. His ability to flawlessly mimic John Wayne and his repertoire of classic movie lines, as well as his great sense of humor has helped him to be accepted by most of the natives.

A veteran of Desert Shield/Desert Storm, he has amassed over 3600 flight hours while advancing through positions of increasing responsibility during 21 years of service. Pete holds all instructor designations for the AH-1W and pioneered the training program for the first Cobra pilots in Taiwan in 1993. Now holding FAA Commercial Fixed and Rotary wing ratings, he is one of the few in the U.S. to hold a civilian rating in the Mi-24 Hind helicopter.

Lt Col (U.S.M.C. Ret.) Pete Coz and our other veteran associates bring a level of professionalism and experience to the museum which we greatly appreciate. With the increasing number of events to which our associate's aircraft are being flown, flight safety is always on our minds. His serious side (reflected below, studying before a flight review) is complemented by an ability and desire to communicate with the troops about what needs to be done and why.

With two “Pete's” active in the group (see feature associate Pete Taylor), Coz has been frocked with the nickname “Colonel Pete” to avoid confusion.

Welcome aboard, “Col. Pete”.

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  1. Stuka is a great American and the museum is lucky to have found him!
    posted by a retired USMC Skid Kid.