Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lovely Ladies (Planes and Girls)

Miguel, photographer and museum associate, frequently visits the Cold War Air Museum and uses our aircraft, equipment and uniforms as an accent for his work. Our blog post MiGs and Models
featuring his work remains popular.

Miguel works successfully to present the ladies and the aircraft professionally.

Miguel enjoys flying in the aircraft and showing the aircraft in flight as well as presenting the models in his work.

With a number of different uniforms and accessories, he tries to bring out interesting views and combination's.

In flight, or static, Miguel works to bring out the best.

Miguel's collection of photos includes many more aircraft, locations and models. Many more can be found on his Flickr page.

Our thanks once again to Miguel for letting us use some of his photos on the blog.


  1. nice photo's Miguel.
    nice ladies as well :)
    keep on the good job,

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  2. The other pilot is the supporting pilot and does almost everything else such as talking with air traffic control, calling out airspeeds, and raising the landing gear and flaps at the appropriate times.