Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Event Pictures - more planes (and some cars)

Continuing our coverage of the Commerative Air Force (CAF), DFW wing and Cold War Air Museum 9/05 event.

The Skyraider flew in from the Cavanaugh Museum.

This T28 lives here at the airport.

The B24 can be seen flying over this beautiful T6.

This pair of T6's flew throughout the day.

An An-2,

and an O-2 were among the visitors.

This aerial view shows the B24 about to take-off, its wingspan is wider than the runway.

Another crowd pleaser was the display of military and antique vehicles.

Thanks and picture credits go to Kevin, www.sectorkmedia.com. To aggregate the posts and pictures from this event, click on the 090509 label below.