Monday, October 19, 2009

Return of the R4D

Our sister museum on the field, the Commerative Air Force (CAF), DFW wing, recently sent their transport aircraft off for some repairs. Always an attraction, we're glad to see her back.

The Civilian DC-3 type saw extensive service during WWII under several military designations, R4D being the U.S. Navy variant. This aircraft, equipped at the time with depth charges, saw service off the coast of the U.S. as a submarine spotter. The Cold War Air Museum, salutes this aircraft and the men and women of the CAF for their dedication in keeping this increasingly rare piece of history flying.

As the Officers and Directors of the Cold War Air Museum well know, repairs on aircraft always seem to take longer and cost more than expected. The DFW wing is fortunate to have on board one of the most succesful and dedicated fund raising teams in the State.

Charlie Wood, Wing Commander of the DFW squadron shared with us some of his stories from the unit and his fund raising experience. Not only are the dedicated members of this unit on track to pay for the R4D repairs, but another unit in the area is working with Charlie and his team as well, raising major funding for the B29 and B24 groups. All museums are facing critical times in the present economy and many, such as ours are busy learning how to do a better job of reaching out to the public for support.

Charlie is one of the many members of this group who have significant stories to tell about their experience, either in the Military or in Civilian attire. The Cold War Air Museum Blog will be featuring a historical series from those associates who are willing to share their stories in future posts. As stories are added to the blog, they can be aggregated (brought together for viewing) by clicking on the labels below each post.

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