Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kitty Liter Rocks

Round engines, Russian Aircraft and most retired military equipment share a common trait: "If its not leaking, its out of fluid". Cleanup is an ongoing process.

One of our volunteers brought in a large container of Kitty Litter to help. We were concerned about the expense and explained that while we appreciated the help, we could not afford to rountinely buy kitty litter instead of the other cleaning materials we use.

He explained "It was no burden, this was just sitting around the house because my cats refuse to use it".

The name on the box has been changed to avoid any slight to the manufacturer, after all anyone who has a cat knows they can be picky. Just ask any cat, my job as a cat owner is to find out what they want and deliver it. On the other hand, if the manufacturer contacts us, we will fully endorse their product as effective aircraft litter and as the product description promises, it clumps tight!

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