Friday, February 5, 2010

Current ex-Soviet Aircraft in Afghanistan

The Cold War Air Museum is happy to hear from readers who want to share their pictures and stories. Andrew has written us from Afghanistan to share some of his pictures from the "constant airshow" of former Soviet aircraft over there. A KC-135R IP in the Air National Guard, he is currently flying the Air Force's newest recon jet (the RC-700A, Global Express). In addition to being an avid student of Soviet aircraft, Andrew owns and flys a Yak 52! Thank you, Andrew!

Andrew and a Mil Mi-8MTV

Andrew and an Antonov An-32

Andrew and a Kamov 32

Antonov An-124, second largest aircraft in the world after the An-225.
(We're still looking for Andrew in this picture)

Cockpit of the An-124

Mil Mi-26

Antonov An-12

Antonov An-12 wreckage in a minefield

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