Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Miguel's MiG Models

Miguel, photographer and museum associate, has used the aircraft at the Cold War Air Museum as a backdrop for his work before. Our cold war era aircraft, equipment and uniforms help accent his work.

This Saturday he photographed Sarah, a professional model from the DFW area who was excited to augment her portfolio with something more unusual.


The weather was freezing, the wind was blowing, but Sarah was a real trooper. Here she is posing with one of the museum's L-39s in a cold war era uniform.

Always the professional, it's hard to tell from this photograph that she was mere moments away from becoming an ice sculpture.

Inside, Sean and Rene were able to locate some heaters and Miguel got these terrific shots with the Mi-2 helicopter and MiG-23 supersonic interceptor.


As the MiG is undergoing restoration it was possible to put Sarah in the front seat of the Sparka and let her light up the caution and warning panel without fear of her setting off the pyrotechnic charges that would normally be part of the ejection seat. The result was this very unusual photo of Sarah and the "christMiG tree" lights.

Our thanks once again to Miguel for letting us use some of his photos on the blog. A larger collection of photos can be found on his Flickr page.