Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another "Big Iron" Saturday at the Cold War Air Museum,

We consider ourselves lucky when Mother Nature cooperates with Cold War Air Museum central planning.

Last Saturday, the weather turned clear and warmer so we were happy to bring some of our aircraft out for display and flight.

One of our associates, a former Russian Major checks the line. Later he assisted Jon with taxi and systems checks in the MiG-23 and went for a flight in one of the L-39s.

A view through the window from the Mi-2 shows the MiG-23 and the Mi-24 from a different angle.

We had a number of visitors over the weekend who took advantage of the beautiful weather and Miguel came by with some of his delightful models for more photo updates. We are looking forward, as always, to his newest work appearing on his Flickr pages.

Unfortunately, we are about to enter another cycle of cold and rain, forcing us back to work inside. Perhaps we will be able to report additional progress on some of our many projects by next weekend.

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