Sunday, March 13, 2011

Feature Associate Update - Larry Dodson

We are fortunate at the Cold War Air Museum to have a fine group of associates and volunteers.

Our previous post on Larry, (click on the associates label, below) featured his Bell 47, but it is time for an update since he has upgraded to this beautiful MD500D.

Related to the OH-6 of Vietnam era, this "D" model is distinguishable by it's 5 main rotor blades and "T" tail.

Previously employed at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, N58431 was used for Patrol, Mountain Rescue and Training during it's 25 years of service. Valued for her high availability and "up-time", many were sad to see her go, but departmental policy dictated upgrading the entire fleet to "F" models for improved "hot and high" performance.

With thanks to Larry for sharing his story and flying with the Museum, and thanks to Andy Nixon as well for sharing some of his great photo work.


  1. I was sad when I found out Metro finally retired that helo. I remember when they first got it to replace their 500C that crashed a few months earlier. Even remeber the old Blue and white "billiard ball" paint scheme it had for years before they repainted the fleet to match. Glad to see this Helicopter is in good hands. It was an Icon in the Vegas skys for years. and you're very lucky to own it.