Thursday, March 10, 2011

Flight Time II, Jon and the CAF Stearman

We've mentioned the close relationship between the Commerative Air Force (CAF), DFW wing and the Cold War Air Museum at Lancaster Airport in the past. This relationship lets us work together to bring visitors to the airport and our museums.

As with our aircraft, maintaining and keeping their aircraft (and the pilots that fly them) current, is a full time job. Jon, one of several Cold War Air Museum directors, who is also a life member of the CAF took this opportunity to exercise his stick and rudder skill in this fine example of flying history that the CAF keeps in top notch condition.

Like us, the CAF has a dedicated and skilled crew of volunteers that take care of their aircraft. We appreciate this great working relationship and invite you to visit their web site and facility when you come visit us.

With thanks and acknowledgment to the CAF for these fine photos.

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