Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hot Barbecue - for the Cold War Air Museum

Fun and food are also an occasional part of Cold War Air Museum fare.
This morning's preflight was for a very special event.

The Mi-24 and MD500 were off to a North Texas Ranch for some good home style Texas Barbecue.

A good mechanic is a man of many talents. In addition to being an A&P/IA and Commercial rated Helicopter Pilot, Johnny, like all adult Texas males, is also able to make a situation assessment and preflight of barbecue cookers when necessary. Of course, it took several helpings of brisket before the final analysis was in - good cookin!

Good barbecue is a Texas tradition, combining it with the arrival of a giant helicopter hopefully made it a memorable day for this young man. Any helicopter attracts attention, but the Hind attracts "Texas" size attention wherever it goes.

After some heavy lifting, this director had to take some time out to digest the situation. If we could sling a couple of these in the back of the Mi-24, it would definitely make the ride home smoother and quicker (for a few of the crew, anyway).

The return flight was briefed by the boys in the barn.

Ready to go, the two crews had some more promises to keep on the way back to town.

The landscape in Texas is dotted with former Air Force Bases. Now a regional airport at Dennison, Texas, the Former Perrin Air Force Base is recognizable, like so many old military fields by it's checkerboard water tower.

The crew had spoken with the tower on their way North and promised to come back by as they flew home. With a great big Texas Howdy!, we salute the tower crew for their courtesy and assistance. We are proud to be in a state that is so often recognized for it's friendly folk. Come visit the friendly folks at the Cold War Air Museum or contact us to be part of your event in our area.

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