Saturday, April 2, 2011

ArtSciencePhotos Contribution

Chris Williams, a new associate at the Cold War Air Museum is a frequent and welcome visitor.

His website, displays some of his professional work. Chris recently came out and took some candid shots to share with us. We are looking forward to more contributions from Chris in the blog.

This shot caught a busy crew loading up the MD500 for a flight to North Texas on an animal population control mission.

Larry concentrates on his preflight cockpit checks in this colorful shot.

And, they're off. The MD500 is a great performer, even with three big guys and all their gear.

The hunt was fun for all even though the wily animals did not put in their expected appearance.

The target rich environment for photographers at the Cold War Air Museum sometimes includes transitory populations of other interesting machinery. These tractors came from another fine collection and are temporarily being housed in some of the scarce spare space at the museum.

Knocking about the Museum, Chris and his special associate Bobbi got a rare opportunity to sample from the variety of tastes and interests on display. The Jets, Props, Helicopters and fixed wing aircraft are sometimes complimented by other vehicles and equipment on display, in storage, and in use.

A sepia tint seems just right for this shot of Bud and Jon in the Mutt ( See Warbirds on Parade for another picture of Phil's Vietnam era jeep). The tint makes the picture look older (and the passenger younger, thank you Chris).

And the R44 gets a rare appearance in the Blog with Renee in the cockpit. At a low sun angle, and partially back lit, Chris augmented the picture with some black and white technique to bring out more detail and drama.

Thanks Chris! We look forward to more contributions and an upcoming Blog post that will feature you and your good work.

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