Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cold War Air Museum - Diverse Interests, Common Goals

Recent posts on the Cold War Air Museum Blog have featured the L29 and MiG-23, both "Gas Guzzlers" by the standard of the Hi Max below.

To say that the Hi Max is tiny compared to the MiG-23 is an understatement. Its fuel burn  per hour  is approximately equal to the MiG's fuel burn  per second  in burner.

One of the strengths of the Museum is the diversity of interests among the volunteers and associates that come together to share interests in flying, history and passing on that heritage to others. One of the associates previously featured, Homer Webb (principal at a local alternative high school), has adopted this beautiful little aircraft. With a fuel burn of only 2.5 gallons per hour, the jet guys can only mutter "it was a lot more fun when Jet-A was only a Dollar a gallon" (and some can remember when surplus fuel was only $0.10 per gallon).

Fast or slow, big or small, loud or not-so-loud, vertical lift or fixed wing, the Museum is a place where we all enjoy a common interest in flying machines, their operation, sharing their history and sharing with others stories of a time when so many of these machines were born. We are fortunate that Homer's willingness to accept and excel at challenges is typical of our group.  Fly Safe Homer!

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