Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mi24 Road Trip

The Cold War Air Museum, Mi-24 frequently flies in the North Texas area and is a popular attraction wherever it goes.

Although the Dallas Metroplex is home to millions of people, the Texas countryside is only a few flight miles away. Small farms and ranches abound in the flat to slightly rolling countryside.

Texas, especially to the West, is very dry. Before GPS, spotting lakes and rivers made navigation easier, because they were relatively few and far between. This riverbed, filled from a recent rain may soon be dry again.

A helicopter and wide open spaces just naturally go together.

With a handshake across the windscreen, Johnny almost looks like he is symbolizing the joining of the East and West. The Mi-24 at the Cold War Air Museum is a joining of the best of both.

Kids love to see the big green beast and we love for them to see a part of cold war history.

The Museum is open every Saturday 10-4 at the Lancaster Airport (and generally we are also open on Sundays as well, when volunteers are working on aircraft), but not today, Easter Sunday, April 24th, 2011. Come see us next weekend or stop by and say hi if you see us at any local event in the area.

And with thanks to Andy Nixon for sharing these fun photos with us.

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