Monday, August 24, 2009

Mig-21 Wings On

Visitors want to see our Cold War Air Museum, Mig21 on display.

With the Annual Lancaster Airport event, Warbirds on Parade, coming Saturday, September 5th, we are taking a break from the restoration work to display the aircraft during the event. Attaching the wings and putting it on the gear temporarily gives us a chance to check some of the work we are doing before returning to the job of preparing it for flight status.

Attaching the wings lets us evaluate some of the work we have done and some of the issues we are facing. With the wings attached we can lift the aircraft from the shipping cradle, giving us a chance to drop the gear and look at other areas on the aircraft.

Pulling the shipping cradle out is an event. Because of scheduling issues, the 21 has been in storage longer than any other aircraft in the museum inventory. This is a landmark event for the restoration calendar.

With the aircraft now up on jacks, we can work on getting it on its gear, allowing us to move the aircraft and put it on static display for now.

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