Friday, September 25, 2009

Another Career Day at LNC

The Goldenheart Foundation works with the Dallas Schools, especially with the Jr. ROTC programs, to expose them to role models and career opportunities. The Commemorative Air Force, DFW wing and The Cold War Air Museum have helped the organization bring several of these South Dallas events to the Lancaster Airport over the last few years.

As is appropriate, the events always begin with a flag ceremony. This event was estimated at over 700 people, slightly exceeding the career day in May. These events are generally scehduled around the start and end of each school year.

The F4U is a poignant background for the Navy information table. Services, academies and colleges display and recruit at these events.

The Mi-24 in the CAF hangar serves as a backdrop for the Air Force Academy table. While the kids may not know the history of the Mi-24, they understand about air power from all that they have seen on TV and at the movies.

Pete helps answer questions and lets the youngsters take a peek in the cockpit of our L29, a former Soviet jet trainer. While it doesn't seem as if the kids are as interested as "our" generation (of fifty years ago), prior generations did not have the stimulus rich environment of TV, games, movies and the internet that causes them to take so many of our modern marvels for granted.

A few of the kids asked questions and showed interest as we did when we were young. That is why we are here, today.

The Antonov came to the event and while few of the kids took the opportunity to learn of the use and history of this unusual bird throughout the U.S.S.R and China, those of us parked in the sun appreciated the sight of an airplane/exhibit that brings its own shade.

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