Monday, September 21, 2009

Event Pictures Continued - CAF and B24

Continuing our coverage of the 9/05 event.

The Commerative Air Force (CAF), DFW wing has co-ordinated this annual event for a number of years. The Cold War Air Museum is pleased to work with the CAF to help host this fine event.

The CAF hangar served as the focal point for visitors and displays.

This year's attendance exceeded that of prior years. This aerial shot in the morning shows some of the activity that went on and expanded throughout the day.The Cold War Air Museum relocated their Mi24 Hind helicopter, Mi2 Hoplite helicopter, Mig21 Mongol fighter as well as our L29 and L39 Delfin and Albatross trainers to the CAF ramp for the event. This helped with crowd control and created a dense and interesting series of aircraft displays when combined with the CAF aircraft.

A highlight of the event was the arrival of the B24. With only two currently flying in the U.S., this was a standout event for this show.

There was always a crowd around the B24 and every time it flew, more people arrived.

The B24 flew frequently during the event and the sight and sound was awesome.

Hats off to Charlie who made it all happen. As wing commander of the CAF group and a generally all-around great guy, we appreciate having the opportunity to work with him.

Thanks and picture credits go to Kevin,

There will be more posts and pictures coming out on this event with some other posts in-between. To aggregate the posts and pictures from this event, click on the 090509 label below.

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