Sunday, May 23, 2010

Feature Associate - Larry Dodson

We are fortunate at the Cold War Air Museum to have a fine group of associates and volunteers. Larry Dodson has recently come aboard as an active volunteer, working on the UH-1B restoration.

Larry owns his own business, specializing in excavation and emergency response for A T & T. A Helicopter Private Pilot, he is currently working on his Commercial rating.

Larry's beautifully restored Bell 47 G-2 was originally manufactured in 1957.

Larry frequently fly's down to the Museum to help out on the weekends. The Bell 47 and Schweitzer (aka Hughes, aka TH-55, aka Osage), parked here together, provided primary training for the majority of helicopter pilots from the Korean War through Vietnam.

We appreciate Larry's help. Come join Larry and the gang at the Cold War Air Museum where you can watch (and help!), as we get our many projects "off the ground"!

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