Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mil Mi-24 Check Rides

Now that the Cold War Air Museum Mil Mi-24D is certified for flight and has flown off it's required program hours, pilot training and rating is underway.

With weather and maintenance co-operating, Bord 118 was turned around quickly for multiple hops over the weekend.

Watching the aircraft fly is, awesome. For the many people who have contributed to this effort, it was a beautiful day to enjoy seeing their work take flight.

The downwash from the massive rotor blades shakes the cameraman as the aircraft taxis by.

For the pilots working on their rating, every moment not flying presented an opportunity to hit the books and study the check lists.

The moment of truth comes when you climb in the big bird and actually take the controls in flight. After some initial time in the front cockpit with an experienced instructor, the qualified airmen climb in the back cockpit for further checkout.

We appreciate the support of the many people who worked hard to get the program approved and underway. The newly rated Mi-24 pilots, who had extensive previous rotary wing experience, exchange congratulations with their instructor and examiner.

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