Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mi-24 Fly-bys

The Cold War Air Museum Mil Mi-24D is flying on a regular basis now. We have had requests for pictures of the aircraft in flight, so Jon and Miguel are working on a new series of "in the air" photos. Their post will be up after Memorial Day. Until then, enjoy these short clips of the Mi24 flying by.


  1. is there going to be a regular flight schedule set up for the Hind? I would love to know when she is going to be airborne when I schedule a visit to your museum.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Best reply is, let us know when you might be coming. We love to fly, but are sometimes unable to fly every weekend. The next big airport event is scheduled for September 4th. We expect this year's "Open Cockpit" and "Veterans Tribute" day to be even bigger than last years (See post series for 9/6/09). Posts through the Blog are "Anonymous" but you can contact us directly through any of the Directors emails, including or

    Regards, BudF