Sunday, May 15, 2011

At the Cold War Air Museum - 14 May, 2011

Every weekend seems full of activity at the Cold War Air Museum. With an Airshow at Corsicana, Texas (KCRS) and visitors on the way to our Airport (KLNC), the day was loaded for work and fun.

With the Big Bird going to the show, Johnny was out early getting things ready.

All set, Johnny leads off in the Mi-2.

The faster Mi-24 soon followed with Coz at the controls. Andy Nixon joined us for the flight and we are looking forward to posting his pictures from the show soon.

And with the shortest flight time of all, Jon soon joined the others on the ground.

Not to be outdone by Corsicana, there was still plenty of activity at the home field.

With the establishment of an aerobatic box next to the airport, there is often additional activity like there was today.

A number of QB's and other visitors stopped by to enjoy the good weather and good company. We appreciate the visitors and donations received today.

Jan Collmer and his beautiful Extra 300, were among those welcomed.

And one of the other L-29's based at the field took advantage of the weather and good company to get out and get some exercise. There are few L-29's with better paint or detail than this one.

Of course, pretty planes attract pretty women. Dressed for a party they were attending later, these young ladies paused long enough to get their picture in today's post.

Just another beautiful day in Texas with great aircraft, great folks and great fun. Thank y'all and please come back again.

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