Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cold War Air Museum at the Corsicana Air Show - Part 2

We've got a few more pics to share from the Cold War Air Museum visit to the Corsicana Airshow this year.

The Mi-2, as well as the Mi-24 drew plenty of interest.

Because the helicopters were perfectly happy to operate off the grass. More ramp area was made available for the fixed wing aircraft that needed a hard surface to park and taxi.

As Jon taxied by in the L-39, Andy got this shot of the Mils starting to develop lift power (and a UH-1 in flight behind them).

The top speed of the Mi-24 is well within the low end of the L-39's operational envelope, so Andy took several in-flight pictures of the Mil during his ride back to home base.

Thanks to Andy Nixon for sharing these additional photos with us.

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