Tuesday, May 24, 2011

MiG-21 Work Continues

MiG consultants for the Cold War Air Museum  are in town working on our MiG-21UM and MiG-23UB.

On jacks, Bord 38 is about to go through gear retraction and extension cycles. Our external "mule" allows the hydraulic system to be isolated and checked before we move on to testing the engine. Ground tests are an important milestone in the restoration and certification process.

Improvisation is sometimes necessary. A few litres of hydraulic fluid needed to be injected into a hydraulic reservoir through this service port, so we modified a bug sprayer from the local hardware store to do the job. Kazik shows us how it's done.

Meanwhile, Roman inspects the connections and cannon plugs under the MiG-21's wheel well.

Our goal for this month is to get the hydraulic systems on the MiG-21 tested and the engine started so the aircraft can be taxied under its own power.