Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mi-2 attends a Gala Event

The Cold War Air Museum Mi-2 and crew were recently invited to attend the 30th anniversary event at The Studios at Las Colinas.

We are fortunate to be in an area with so many talents and benefits.

Mike clears the area below for the Mi-2's arrival. The crew also kept a sharp eye on the weather. Dumping rain and hail to the South, the weather cooperated for this flight by providing VFR conditions with a dramatic backdrop of low clouds.

We received the Red Carpet treatment and many visitors, actors and executives had an opportunity to see the MI-2 and visit with Cold War Air Museum Associates at the Las Colinas Studios.

The "Gala" was a celebration and review of thirty years of television and movie production complemented by recent change and renovation by the Muller Group.

Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, and Linda Grey from the TV show Dallas
were there and Cold War Air Museum Associates got an opportunity to briefly meet them and answer a few questions about the Mi-2 and the Museum.

The show must have been translated and watched in Eastern Europe as people would ask us about "JR" in our early travels there.

And Mike got to sit on the bench that played a supporting role in Forrest Gump while he watched hand rolled cigars being made. Life is even better with a box of chocolates and a good cigar.

With thanks to Mike, Johnny, Brad and Larry for crewing the event as well as Chris Williams for introducing us and sharing these pictures. More great shots from Chris and Bobbi can be found at the web site.

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