Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stay Warm Day

Ever since a wee lass, I was encouraged to keep a diary. I still do till this day. There is plenty to write about as my experience shaped me. And weather. I am moderately good at figuring out a place's weather, but I've been thinking about how to get better. A pilot friend gave me the password to his secret aviation weather subscription service, and it was all these maps and plots and radar reads and isobars and the like, and it was pretty cool when I was trying to figure out whether all of the 19% chance of precipitation building in our area were going to hit us or pass through without getting the tarmac wet. If you read this blog, you would have liked the website, because you like technical stuff. Every time when I need to predict the wind direction and strength, I'll check three or four internet sites. They're all wrong, but they give me a general picture of what's going on in the region, which helps me guess better. I read the NOAA weather, which has been wrong 50% of the summer last year so far. (I should probably just stop reading it, although the thunderstorm warnings are important.) And I go outside and look at the clouds. I was thinking today about how to describe or name what I know about weather, and I realized how inarticulate my understanding really is. Almost everything else I'm competent at is something I can name, unpack, describe, teach. I can't even tell you about the sky this afternoon, how it thickened and got yellow-grey, not hazy but just denser, before the thunderclouds had even started to tower. There aren't words for this stuff, but I'm studying it just the same.

Indoors. It was a leisure day at the museum, no rush or damages. I was bouncing from one project to another. We talked about designing a new patch for the Mi-2s. How most of the patch designs out there were 'cartoonish', I think making light of a tensed-task at hand? We talked about 3-D modelings for the museum logo and auto-cad, something I know very little about and really need to study more on. Lengthier discussion on embroidered logo, aircraft stats and blue-print on polo and t-shirts. These projects are still in their infant stage, therefore I am enlisting help, and ideas, designs and artworks are welcome.

Today is Happy Stay Warm Awareness Day everyone. Won't you join me in expressing your own wonder, delight, and gratitude in the magic that fills your life with comfort and warmth 365 days a year? For my double fun, I get to experiment with an enclosed sand blaster that blasts off paint and rust with a compressor thingy (will learn proper vocabulary later, I expect) on some big screw before the exploration of my own begins. Hope your day is just as full of unexpected opportunity.

[P.S. Special thanks on this day to Renee for helping me with the Mi-24 panel. And Brad for showing me how the sand blaster works. Will think of ways to make the screw look 'Blingy-Blingy' with a cooler head (which your time reading this blog deserves) later.]

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