Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mi-2 Panel Project

Fortunately, the Mi-2 panel was produced in English in addition to Russian and Polish. Our contact in Eastern Europe was able to get us most of the panel components we need, although as you can see from this photo it's a bit more of an "international" English than we're used to. :-) Converting most of the panel just requires a small screwdriver and a large amount of patience.

The FAA requires the aircraft to be in English — at least the part that's used by the pilot — in order to get a US airworthiness certificate (even an Experimental Exhibition one). They've been particularly clear with us in the past that if a red light comes on, they'd like it to come on in English.

Fortunately, this isn't too difficult. In particular, we like the work that Aircraft Engravers does with their 20 mil Lexan stickers. We'll get them to produce the missing black/white panel components and clear/black items for use in the annunciators.

The only instrument that really has to be converted for VFR flight in the Mi-2 is the altimeter. It has to be in feet. Unfortunately, it's not possible to simply reface the old altimeter which was in meters. We're always on the lookout for old "6 o'clock" style altimeters that can be overhauled and certified. If you know of any, drop us a line!

This one looks so nice you can hardly tell that it's not original equipment.

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